Today is my Otter Day

I’m tired. We’ve had a lot stuff come at us the last few weeks. I could plow through, think about it some more, and see all your friends on Facebook saying the darnedest things. But eventually I’ll burn out. So, I’m taking An Otter Day.

Otter Days are days where I do not read the news. I minimize Facebooking. I try to do nice things for myself. They are so named because I like looking at gifs of otters being adorable.

This guy also cannot believe everything that is going on right now:


I find this game of follow the leader intensely satisfying:

It’s so precious!

I may work this one into comments on Facebook for the especially unworthy:

Make sure you’re taking Otter Days from time to time. Or Puppy Days or Cake Baking Days or whatever your self care day is. We have a lot of fights to fight and you can’t fight any of them if you burn out.


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