A Wall of Cynicism

Donald Trump’s first week as President has been, mostly, what we expected. This is not to say good or that you should not be outraged, just that he’s not really gone off the script I would have written for him.

I was mildly surprised by the decision to use an executive order to build the border wall as that is probably unconstitutional. To be clear, I’m not a lawyer and my training is political science. I know the broad strokes of how these things work, and that includes knowing that there may be something lurking in some bill Congress passed that gives Trump the authority to just up and build a wall. Executive orders are just the President announcing how to use Congressional Authority in more detail; they can’t create new authority. It is possible that Congress at some point authorized some kind of border fence that can be stretched to this monstrosity of a wall—if they can find the money.

Speaking of finding the money, look what’s appeared on Breitbart’s website:


To be fair, this has been up since last July. If you click on the link, which remember gives them ad revenue so maybe don’t, you can see everyone’s favorite Nazi Alt-Right apologist, Milo Yiannopoulos bragging about how he is the model for it. If I did not think irony was dead, I would call it self-parody. This shirt comes to my attention because it was being pushed on a pop-up when I was verifying something else on Breitbart. The shirt is old news, but they were trying to generate new interest.

Am I suggesting that one of Trump’s officers is using his power to sell T-shirts through his old employer? Not definitively. This can be explained as a cynical cash in by Breitbart’s new editorial team. But guys! You can’t rule out that this isn’t a cynical cash grab by Breitbarts new and old editorial team.

Perhaps we should offer our cynicism as a building material.


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