Argument of the Week: Twitter Twit Elect

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President Elect of the United States of America. Twitter ranting. Again.

The thing is. No. Just, no.

This argument is taking place so far down the rabbit hole to begin with that I can scarcely believe it. Remember, this is the President Elect, the guy who won the election. Saying that there were catastrophic levels of voter fraud. And saying that’s why we don’t need a recount. In the halcyon days of August 2016, I would have guessed that would win Argument of the Week by itself. But we’re not done.

On top of that, he is using a well-worn logical fallacy—appeal to ignorance. Appeal to ignorance is pointing to a lack of evidence to claim that something is true. Trump is furious with CNN because they have not proven to his satisfaction that voter fraud did not take place. Bear in mind, Trump is the one who advanced this claim without offering evidence or taking legal action. The burden of proof is on Donald Trump to prove his original claim, not on CNN (or anyone else) to definitively prove the converse. If that were all, I would concede that caution was in order saying that no fraud took place. But we’re still not done.

The thing is, CNN and others have provided ample evidence that there is little cause for concern. Both campaigns had poll watchers. NGOs from home and abroad have looked into it. Data analysts have found most of the irregularities consistent with demographics. Let’s be real here: it hurts Donny’s fee-fees that he lost the popular vote so he is clinging to a conspiracy theory.

If there is one thing I can say as I hand Trump his award it is this: At least he is giving us good examples of fallacies for the next four years.


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