Cheap Talk (Link Round-up 1/31)

Cheap Talk are things I read and wanted to blog in response to, but did not have the time, energy, or content to justify it.

Anne Coulter Speaks the Truth!

…kind of. I don’t agree with her in “I Was Hoping for a Taller Honest Man“, but it is a fantastic insight into what is going on in the heads of Trump supporters. Yes, you’ll be giving World Net Daily and Anne Coulter a click, but you’ll also be illuminating why so many conservatives do.

China and Same-Sex Marriage

Looks like a Chinese court is taking a same-sex marriage case . Odds are against, especially since it took arm-twisting to get the case taken in the first place, but I don’t know enough about China’s bureaucracy to say for sure what is going to happen. China is hard to read and has a complicated political system.

Also, let’s get meta. Notice the interest in rights. There is a persistent myth that China and its citizens are not concerned with rights. Since the disaster that was The Great Leap Forward, huge strides have been made to create a system of rights for citizens and place checks on the government. This can be a bit bewildering in the West because they have adopted the Confucian/Communist view that rights spring from communities and relationships. For example, China has very strong union protections; if your union takes on the central planners, you are fairly strongly protected. None of this is to assert that China does not have problems, nor that their system is better, just to point out that there is a lot of confusion around China.


I will beat the dead horse about Bernie Sanders until it is the deadest horse around. Also, I can’t stand Robert Reich (and need to do a post about that), so this made me…uh…cringe:


What does “qualified” even mean here? Where has Sanders ever in his life changed a large system? He was peripherally involved with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, but to suggest he was an architect of the change is a gross misreading of even the optimistic case for that. What Reich means is that Sanders talks a good game. But he does not even have a plan on record for changing deep seated interests, no down-ballot support, and has only superficially engaged with it means to be wield presidential power. These are not qualifications.

A Thought about the Bundy Occupation

I’m a month late to blow this into a full post, so if you really want it write it yourself. If you thought Occupy was justified, you don’t disagree with the methods of the Bundy occupation. (Qualification: you could have some objection about how the respective occupations are governing themselves, which would be the exception that proves the rule.) The left has a long history of occupying spaces as a form of protest so there is a fair amount of hypocrisy in citing “rule of law” here. Sure, I don’t think the Bundies have a legitimate reason to be protesting either. But occupation and civil disobedience has a long tradition in America.

Well, You Could Sell Your House in Flint

Whenever there is a certain kind of scandal that impacts poor blacks, a certain segment comes out because this time will be the revolution. They are batting 0 for quite a lot. It has been no different with Flint. I hope Michigan voters absolutely rout the republicans this year and in 2018. Now that it has come to light that Snyder knew a year ago that water wasn’t safe, I hope that appropriate steps are taken to bring whatever the full force of the law is against him.

But that rumor going around that you can’t sell your house if it has a known lead problem? Not true. It is totally legal. Snopes is admittedly unbiased to a fault, and that milquetoast comment that residents would have some trouble selling these homes is understatement. There is a nearly endless well of terrible things that have happened in Flint that we need not make any up to Tweek, mmmk?

A Pairing

This short piece about Richard Dawkins being disinvited from a skeptics convention pairs nicely with this longer interview about moving away from Dawkins-style New Atheism towards spiritual-ness.


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